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AC Variable Frequency Drive

AC Variable Frequency Drive
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Description / Technical Specifications

Salient Features:
  • Advanced technology of Space Voltage Vector PWM Control
  • Central control module based on DSP (Digital Signal Processing), realizes high speed and high performance control.
  • Integrated V/F control, V/F+PG control, vector +PG control
  • 10 frequency setting modes, analog terminal can accept the signal of DC 0~10V, DC 0~20mA
  • At most 7 steps speed control and 8 steps acceleration control can be realized
  • 6 Programmable output control terminals
  • Internal PID function, realize high performance closed loop control.
  • Support Feedback Signal: 0~10V, 1~5V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA
  • Catch on fly; RPM display even after coast to stop.
  • Forced communication function, support standard RS485 and Can Bus, supply remote keyboard control function
  • Humanization display menus, liquid crystal display, and LED display, display 3 state parameters simultaneously
  • High-efficient faults inquiry and record function, conveniently obviate the fault
  • Parameter protection function.
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